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We fix computers (usually while you wait)

Whether your computer's just running a bit slowly or there's smoke coming out of it, we can help. Most problems can be solved right away, and we're very happy to explain what we're doing while we're doing it.

We make your computers do what you want

Computers are supposed to make your life easier, and if they're not doing that then something's wrong! We can set up a single computer or an entire network to work with you, not against you.

We provide impartial advice

Computer technology is changing all the time and there are many more options now than there were even a few years ago. We keep track of all of this, and because we're not tied to any particular manufacturers or suppliers we can offer impartial and unbiased advice on computer hardware, software and services.


In our workshop

We operate a fully-equipped workshop on the Kerikeri / Waipapa border where we invite you to sit with us and watch while we repair your computer. Most problems can be resolved while you wait, and we're happy to explain the whole process as we work.

At your home or office

Some problems are better dealt with on site, and we provide on-site support throughout the Bay of Islands.

Over the Internet

In some cases it's possible for us to resolve a problem immediately by taking control of your computer over the Internet; this allows us to see what's on your screen and use your mouse and keyboard as if the computer were in our own office. The software we use for this only grants us access to your computer with your permission, and we normally stay on the telephone to you during the entire process so that we can explain what we're doing and answer any questions you have.

Clicking on one of the buttons below will download a small program which allows us to monitor and control your computer. Please only click on a button if you're already talking to one of our technicians and you're sure you want to allow us access to your computer.

Windows Macintosh Linux
Remote Support for Windows Remote Support for Apple Macintosh OSX Remote Support for Linux


We keep very flexible office hours because we know that computers don't always go wrong at convenient times. In most cases we can see you the same day you call, and on the rare occasions that we can't resolve your problem immediately we will be able to tell you when the work will be finished and exactly how much it will cost.

For many of our business clients losing the use of a computer even for a few hours can be very disruptive, and in these cases we can usually schedule work to be done outside normal office hours - even over a weekend.

Our business is keeping your business up and running.


We let you meet your technician

We believe that it's important for the person working on your computer to understand exactly what the problem is, and for you to have the opportunity to explain what's wrong and how you'd like it fixed. In most cases we'll ask you to stay with us while we perform the repair as this allows us to explain what we find, how we're fixing it, and in some cases how to prevent it from happening again.

If your computer contains confidential or privileged information then there's no need ever to let it out of your sight.

We won't try to sell you anything

As a matter of policy we don't sell personal computers. This allows us to recommend either repairing or replacing a faulty computer purely on technical and economic grounds, and not because we'd make more money by selling you a new one.

We will never perform unnecessary repairs

Unfortunately, not every computer is worth repairing. After examining your computer we will explain what needs to be done to it, how much this will cost, and advise on whether we believe the repair is worthwhile. In some cases the cost of a repair can be a significant fraction of the cost of a new computer, and we will always advise you if we believe that you would be better off replacing a computer rather than repairing it.

We keep our promises

We work very hard never to make a promise that we can't keep. If you leave a computer with us we will tell you when we expect it to be ready for collection and we will do everything we can (including working through the night if necessary!) to make sure that it's ready on time. If we quote a price for a piece of work then we will never go over that price.


By telephone

The best way to get in touch with us is by telephone on 09 407 _4706.

Call us to make an appointment, get some advice, or even just to ask a question!

If we are with another customer or out on site then please leave a message – we will call you back as soon as we can. Sometimes we are working 'on the clock' for someone else and it may only be a minute or two until we can return your call.

By email

You can also email us at Please include your telephone number as we may need to call and arrange to see you in person.

Our workshop service and all diagnoses are carried out by appointment only, so please call us to arrange this. We can usually offer you a same-day timeslot and we can even schedule this after office hours as we know our clients have jobs and commitments of their own.